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Who we are

At TPWD we work with ambitious very early and early stage startup teams as their technical co-founders. We provide technical and project management ressources through our digital agency and sister company "The People Who Do" to make their MVP or even more a reality. We support them continuously with our long standing experience and host them in our Berlin Kreuzberg loft space. We engage mainly in platform concepts in the fields of business productivity, online security, lifestyle, real estate, travel and art.

What we do
  • Host the Team
  • Create Business Processes
  • Technical Planning
  • Plattform Concepts
  • Design
  • Provide Technical Ressources
  • Project Management
  • Launch MVP

Tobias Raddatz

Tobias Raddatz is an entrepreneur since 2001. The companies he co-founded and still plays a strong role in are in the fields of digital agency business, online security and business productivity. „The status quo of things can be always be changed“ is his main motto.

Erik Hildenbrand

Erik Hildenbrand has entreprenuership in his genes. He started to trade goods even before he went to school. Together with Tobias Raddatz he is co-founder of a line of companies and heads two of them.

Co-Founders wanted

There are two ways to work with TPWD. We always have new startup ideas in our drawer. Therefore we are always looking for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to jump on a good idea and make them a reality with some support. That is the easy way.

Instead, you can also pitch your idea to us and if it is a match, we might go the first steps together. Before you approach us, you should have a clear idea on how your business is supposed to work. Ideally you have test driven it in some way already, but now need help with the next step. We don´t like to listen to ideas you just had yesterday in the shower. You should be more advanced in planning and testing what you want to bring to the market with us and you should be willing to go it all the way. So if you are a kick-ass founder, just talk to us. It is as simple as that.

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